Those Darn Socks! Mending your stockings


Darning a sock is a simple and cost-effective way to extend the life of your favorite pair of socks. Whether you're new to sewing or an experienced seamstress, you'll find that darning is a simple process that can be done with just a few basic tools. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you darn your socks and keep them looking great for years to come.


  • A darning needle
  • A matching color of yarn
  • A piece of cardboard or a darning egg (optional)

Step 1: Prepare the Sock To start, remove the sock from your foot and lay it flat on a table. If the hole is near the top of the sock, stretch the sock over a piece of cardboard or a darning egg. This will help keep the sock taut and make it easier to work with.

Step 2: Thread the Darning Needle Cut a length of yarn that is long enough to sew across the hole several times. Thread the yarn onto the darning needle and knot the end.

Step 3: Sew Across the Hole Starting on the inside of the sock, push the needle through the fabric so that the knot is hidden inside the sock. Next, sew across the hole several times, making sure to weave the needle in and out of the fabric in a way that covers the hole and secures the yarn in place.

Step 4: Weave the Yarn Once you have sewn across the hole several times, begin to weave the yarn back and forth across the hole. Make sure to weave the yarn tightly and keep it close to the fabric to cover the hole completely.

Step 5: Finish the Darning When you have woven the yarn across the hole several times, cut the yarn, leaving a tail of about 2 inches. Thread the tail of the yarn through the needle and weave it back through the fabric, tying a knot to secure the end.

Step 6: Trim the Excess Yarn Finally, trim any excess yarn, making sure to cut it close to the fabric so that it does not unravel.

And that's it! With just a few simple steps, you've darned your sock and given it new life. Whether you're fixing a hole or just want to add a touch of personality to your favorite pair of socks, darning is a simple and effective way to get the job done. So go ahead, give it a try and see what you can create!